Paid Media

Performance Based Management

Paid Media is ever changing. Consumer intent, technology, audience targeting and platforms continue to evolve. Promethean Media is an Award Winning Google Premier Partner that pushes the limits of paid search strategy and campaign execution. We pride ourselves on delivering enterprise level paid media management with a boutique touch.

The Audit.

A successful paid media engagement stems from the insights and data revealed within our PPC Audits.

Our audits are carried out manually by our in-house PPC team without tools or shortcuts. We examine the account structure, targeting, ad copy performance, extensions, market impression share, and accuracy of conversion tracking. We offer our paid media audits complimentary for select new partner clients.

Are you getting the most out of your Paid Media Campaigns? Our PPC Audits will tell you. We guarantee it!

Our Approach to Paid Media

It’s simple really. We offer transparent results driven paid search management executed by our award-winning PPC team. We roll up multiple networks into a holistic paid media strategy that is based on conversion data and our clients goals. It’s measurable, effective, and scalable

Account Structure

A profitable paid search effort stems from the framework and architecture the campaigns are built upon. We have a proven methodology and structure that has been tweaked and refined over the past decade to prove its success across various industry verticals. Google themselves love it and we have been praised for its performance by a countless number of clients. We are sticking to it and keeping it ours.

Dedicated Strategist

A dedicated agile PPC strategist working closely with a client yields the highest ROI. We believe that having a single point of contact, who is actually the strategist working on an account, is vital to a successful paid search initiative. It’s a data-driven strategy that encourages dialogue between an agency and its partner and measuring, testing, and measuring again to gauge performance changes.


We love this one! We are as honest as it gets. Our reporting contains all pass-through data directly from the network (i.e Google, Facebook, Bing/Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc.) and the CPC’s and never altered before reaching the client. Our pricing is also tiered based on ad spend and drop as a percentage of spend as your total spend increases. Essentially, there is no conflict of interest at all!

Reporting & Technology

A closed loop PPC strategy relies on the data it produces to tailor the efforts going forward. We live and breathe data and constantly adjust campaign settings, keywords, bidding, ad copy based on its performance. All of our reporting is direct via API from Google Adwords & Analytics and shared with our clients for review together. Our PPC team includes a hand written summary of the reporting periods performance and suggestions and roadmap for campaign optimizations.

Paid Media Driving Conversions

A component of the digital marketing ecosystem that is often overlooked is the engagement of traffic into conversions. Driving traffic is the first step but optimizing the rate in which visitors convert is the true value metric . Our methodology follows a full funnel approach to marketing from click to conversion.


We dive into analytics to extract the key data points needed to drive our digital strategy. Our Google Analytics Certified team constantly reviews the traffic and behavior of users to shape our agile SEO process.


Uniting design vs. functionality is an art. Our heatmap study allows us to uncover the touch points of a user browsing a page and ensure that call-to-action elements are blended with creative in an optimal format.


A fresh set of eyes and feedback never hurts. We execute Usability studies with a defined demographic tester and set of instructions to follow. The results are profound.