Our influencer marketing process

We always begin our influencer marketing process by working closely with our client to identify and agree on campaign goals. Then, we analyze our influencer network across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to decide which influencers have the audience reach, focus, and social media following that will help us achieve our stated goals.

We’ll supplement our own network by researching which new influencers would be relevant to a target brand. Then, we’ll reach out to them all with text, visual, and video content that’s delightful—yet also talks about the benefits of our brand. We’ll also give them a fun item in exchange for posting, or early access to our client’s product. The end result of our process is compelling, authentic content that ladders to our brand’s value proposition, features links to their website, and drives their stated goals.

The purpose of influencer marketing is to connect with people who have an audience, set trends, impact opinions of individuals, and have an online reputation. This gives you access to their audience, increasing your own brand’s reach. Promethean Media strives to ensure the success of our clients. We understand the importance of influencer marketing and strongly encourage it in terms of growing a brand’s image and reach.

Influencer marketing allows individuals to share your brand’s message instead of targeting an entire market. This involves engaging with social media influencers who have already built their online reputation and have established a large following organically. The social recognition that your brand will receive is critical to growing and maintaining customers.

What we manage and help you achieve…

Grow Your Influencer Network

We achieve greater success through connecting with top influencers worldwide.

Identification and Recruitment

We find the right influencers that align with your brand to engage with your target audience.

Influencer Outreach

Using platforms such as: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs and more to reach out to the top influencers.

Build Authenticity

We do this by working closely with top influencers and letting them spread the word organically.

Drive More Traffic

Drive more traffic to your website by partnering with best-fit influencers.

Build Brand Reputation

Influencers can share your brand/product with their followers, creating more brand loyalty and awareness.