Goals and Challenges

  • Brand awareness on a global level: Mapiful ships their products worldwide, so customers from any corner of the world can create their own map and receive their product within days. This requires Mapiful’s marketing outreach to be on a global scale. Being a relatively young company, Mapiful needed an effective marketing initiative to reach the global audience.
  • Target the right demographic: Social media ads were a great way to get their company out there – but Mapiful wanted to make sure they could precisely target their main customer demographic: young millennial women. On top of its high cost, traditional social media ads can also be tricky when it
    comes to targeting a new audience base.

Influencer Marketing as an Approach

  • Influencer marketing was the ideal solution for Mapiful:
  • Global reach: With millions of influencers across the world, Mapiful could easily cast a wide net of communication to their prospective customers.
  • Precise audience targeting: Through influencer data (location, audience age, audience gender, influencer type, etc.) Mapiful could easily identify and select the influencers with the most relevant audience young females.
  • Content production: Unlike traditional marketing initiatives, influencer marketing also generated Mapiful’s unique content library through influencers’ social media posts.
  • Furthermore, due to the nature of Mapiful’s unique custom-made maps, each influencer’s content piece was entirely unique and personalized.

Game Plan for Influencer Marketing

  • Daniel Reininghaus & Abdullah Shekhata, Mapiful’s Social Commerce team, knew from the beginning that influencer marketing isn’t a task that should be done manually. Mapiful wanted to target Instagram, a platform with one billion monthly active users – and only a small portion being influencers they could work with. Finding a perfect influencer is a hard enough task, but finding hundreds of perfect influencers to work with? That was a job for Promethean Media.
  • Promethean Media provided Mapiful with not only a large pool of influencers, but also a robust search tool to find the right ones. Not stopping at that, it was important for Mapiful to analyze deeper influencer analytics, including audience demographics, influencer realness, engagement rates, brand mentions, and more.

Campaign Approach

  • Platform: Instagram
  • Influencers: Micro, mid-size, macro
  • Location: Various countries. Top countries
    include: U.S., France, Germany, U.K., Spain,
    and Italy.
  • Targeted demographics: Female, 25 – 35
    years old
  • Campaigns: Sampling, affiliate codes, and

How Mapiful did it with Promethean Media

Reaching the Right Influencers:
Patricia and Morgane prioritized the Promethean Media search filters for location, audience demographics, and engagement rate as the most important metrics for influencer search. With the search filters, they could easily source influencers from different countries, who also had a high percentage of audience from the
same country or region.

The large database also encouraged Mapiful to find new types of influencers they had never worked with before. “We tend to focus on lifestyle influencers, since that’s the most typical influencer you’d immediately think of for Mapiful’s products,” Morgane shares. “But surprisingly, we have had successes with influencers outside the box, like sports influencers for example.”

Scaling their outreach:
Prior to Promethean Media, Mapiful had spent hours and hours of searching only to keep finding the same influencers, was unable to view important details like location or audience demographics, and faced the challenge of vetting through fake followers. With Promethean Media, Mapiful now sources on average 3k to 5k quality influencers each month.

The rest? Patricia and Morgane wanted to keep it simple and organic. With the freedom to build influencer relationships however they wanted to, Mapiful chose to stay open in their outreach. “There must be an art to influencer collaboration”, Patricia shares. They wanted the partnership itself to spark joy, inspire ideas, and start conversations, instead of being too promotional. At the end of the day, influencer marketing is very much a people business for Mapiful.

Maximizing their influencer directory:

Mapiful doesn’t have frequent product line launches since the nature of their map products is custom-made and one-of-a-kind. Because of this, Mapiful doesn’t tend to work with the same influencer multiple times. This creates a high demand for them to constantly find new influencers. With a few hundred new, unique influencers per week, Mapiful can easily go through thousands of them per month.

New influencers are being brought in and analyzed constantly in Promethean Media’s database. For this reason, fresh and emerging influencers keep appearing in the database so Mapiful can keep sourcing new key influencers for their campaigns.

The Results

Mapiful’s Instagram page (@mapiful) saw a near five-fold increase in size since they first started influencer marketing: from 60k followers in June 2018, to 287k in December 2019, and their audience is still growing monthly by 12k on average. “Every time a larger influencer posts about us, we immediately see followers pulling in,” Patricia shared. “It’s really fun to see.”

Within the last 6 months of 2019, Mapiful had roughly 1.8k collaborations with influencers across various social media platforms –
resulting in 11M estimated impressions and 8.5M estimated reach. All of Mapiful’s branded content created by the influencers they work with resulted in 735k total Instagram likes, and 472k total video views on Youtube. These numbers are generated uniquely from the influencers Mapiful directly worked with. The larger impact, however, is the community that built itself from the impact of these influencers.

As of December 2019, there are more than 21,000 results on Instagram for the hashtag #mapiful, and many of them are from everyday users who were inspired by influencers. This means that Mapiful is turning their customers into influencers as well, creating an organic network of content creators. Influencer marketing also has helped Mapiful achieve something that no other form of traditional advertising could have done: create an ever-growing community.

Mapiful’s thoughts on Influencer Marketing

Mapiful recognizes that influencer marketing is not just an alternative to “posting an ad”, but rather an opportunity to build trusting relationships and communities. On how they are able to do this, Patricia and Morgane shared that they approach influencers in a fun and collaborative way. Patricia and Morgane are still experimenting and learning to change and adapt as the industry does. “We get to be so hands-on with everything,” Morgane said. “We get to experiment with different dynamics and find out what works best for us as a brand.”

Unlike a typical ad, influencer marketing leaves the creative freedom entirely in the influencers’ hands. Influencer marketing brings everyday life into Mapiful’s identity through personal stories and anecdotes. Influencer marketing for Mapiful is more than a marketing initiative – it’s a unique way to build trust and community. “Besides, it’s really fun,” Patricia adds. “It helps our brand and products become a part of a lifestyle, a message, a voice.”