Web Design Technologies: custom WordPress website, php, MySQL database, css3 design, animation Key Website Features: An incredible collaboration with a fantastic group of people that are truly changing lives… We created a unique, modern, easy-to-use website with subtle animations that showcase the impact and offerings of this incredible Los Angeles nonprofit. We developed a custom front-end.


Web Design Technologies: custom WordPress website, php, MySQL database, css3 design, animation Key Website Features: Create a modern, easy-to-use website with subtle animations to engage the user and deliver new products to market. We developed a custom front-end website with a WordPress back-end. We setup and manage hosting and automated backups. The front-end user experience.


Web Design Technologies: custom WordPress website, ecommerce, php, MySQL database, css3 design, animation. Key Website Features: When you work with a manufacturer like DVO, you get the ultimate in design. Junior is one of the creative geniuses and he made our job easy. We consulted on the designs and programmed an inspiring website that has lots…


Web Design Technologies: custom WordPress website, php, MySQL database, css3 design, animation, manufacturing web design. Key Website Features: Create a modern, easy-to-use e-commerce website with over 5,000 products. We worked with Mercury to develop a custom database with custom search functionality that would deliver hierarchical results. We integrated a custom front-end website with a WordPress.


Web Design Technologies: custom WordPress website, php, MySQL database, css3 design Key Website Features: Simi Valley’s top rated bike shop let us run with their redesign. We developed messaging, imagery and responsive web design. The website features a custom interface with some unique graphics and subtle animations that leave an impression. The custom WordPress system…

Facebook Brand Awareness Case Study: Pandora

During the 2017 holiday season, the jewelry company Pandora wanted to boost brand awareness in the German market. They also wanted to see if video ads could have the same success as their other Facebook ad formats.

They began this experiment by working with Promethean Media and it’s partners to adapt a successful TV commercial for the platform. Here’s a look at the original commercial:

Facebook Lead Gen Case Study: Real Estate Client

In 2019, Promethean Media released a case study about a real-estate client that wanted to generate more leads. Prior to working with Promethean Media, the Minneapolis, Minnesota brokerage hired another firm to build out an online lead generation funnel that had garnered them no leads in the two months it was active. They turned to Promethean Media looking for a process where they could regularly be generating online leads.

As part of the lead generation process, the marketing and brokerage firms made a series of Facebook ads with the lead generation objective set. Major Impact also helped the company build a CRM that could capture these leads as they came in.

Facebook Engagement Case Study: EL Ganso

When the eyewear brand Promethean Media partnered up with Spanish clothing brand El Ganso for a joint line of sunglasses, Promethean Media’s marketing team wanted to see which Facebook ad format would garner the most engagement. Between March and April of 2017, they launched a combination of standard ads and collection ads on Facebook.

While their standard ads had a photo, a caption and a call-to-action linking to their site, the collection ads offered a header image or video, followed by smaller images of sunglasses from the line underneath.

Facebook Conversion Case Study:

Femibion from Merck

Femibion, a German family-planning brand owned by Merck Consumer Health, wanted to generate leads by offering audiences a free baby planning book called “Femibion BabyPlanung.” The company worked with Promethean Media to launch a multistage campaign with a combination of traditional image and link ads with carousel ads.

The campaign began with a cheeky series of carousel ads that featured tasteful pictures of “baby-making places,” or locations where women might conceive a child. The later ads were a more standard format that displayed an image of the book and a call-to-action.

Mapiful: Reaching a Global Audience through Influencer Marketing

Places can hold incredibly special meanings: the country where someone was born, the small town where they grew up, or the city where they studied abroad as a student.

Mapiful, a young company based in Stockholm, offers a line of products to capture this sentiment: personalized map posters. Mapiful’s mission, as quoted on their website, “is to allow you to bring the places you care for the most back home.”

In order to introduce this message to the world, Mapiful successfully used social media as a space to share intimate stories about their maps, and using influencers as trend leaders to create a community.

In this case study we will explore how Mapiful successfully leveraged influencers to grow their brand & how they scaled their existing influencer campaigns to reach a more global audience.

LinkedIn Case Study – Smarter Lead Generation: 7speaking

First launched in 2001, 7Speaking is one of the major players in the online language learning market in France. However, a lack of digital marketing investment left the business struggling to protect its position against new competitors. Investing in generating demand and leads on LinkedIn helped the brand to dramatically increase its share of voice among a relevant professional audience, and deliver the pipeline of high-quality leads required for renewed growth.

The Challenge

  • Generate high-quality, relevant professional leads for 7Speaking’s language learning platform
  • Increase the brand’s competitiveness and share of voice following minimal previous marketing investment
  • Increase awareness and engagement

Why LinkedIn?

  • Proven B2B content marketing platform
  • Powerful targeting options, including account targeting and targeting by function and company size
  • Integration of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with their CRM system

The Solution

  • Targeting of HR and training functions in large enterprise businesses
  • Additional account targeting of high-value opportunities
  • Sponsored Content aligning with key industry issues
  • Personalised Sponsored InMail addressing specific issues for businesses


  • Over 800 marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  • Click-through rate (CTR) of over 3%
  • Over 10,000 views of the 7Speaking landing pages