Facebook Lead Gen Case Study: Real Estate Client

In 2019, Promethean Media released a case study about a real-estate client that wanted to generate more leads. Prior to working with Promethean Media, the Minneapolis, Minnesota brokerage hired another firm to build out an online lead generation funnel that had garnered them no leads in the two months it was active. They turned to Promethean Media looking for a process where they could regularly be generating online leads.

As part of the lead generation process, the marketing and brokerage firms made a series of Facebook ads with the lead generation objective set. Major Impact also helped the company build a CRM that could capture these leads as they came in.

Results: Within a day, they received eight leads for $2.45 each. In the next 90 days, the marketing firm claimed the ads generated over 370 local leads at the average cost of $6.77 each. Each lead gave the company their name, email, and phone number.


This shows how Facebook ad targeting can be helpful when you’re seeking out leads from a specific audience in a local area. The Minneapolis brokerage’s original marketing and social media strategies weren’t succeeding because they were looking for a very specific audience of prospective buyers in the immediate area.

Ad targeting allowed their posts to be placed on the news feeds of people in the area who might be searching for real estate or have interests related to buying a home. This, in turn, might have caused them more success in gaining leads.

Attracting 370 Local Real Estate Leads with Facebook Ads [CASE STUDY]

We partnered with a brokerage up in Minneapolis, Minnesota to help them put a system in place to consistently and effectively generate online leads to send to their real estate agents.

Prior to working with us, they had been paying a marketing consultant to build them an online lead generation funnel for Facebook, but after two months didn’t have a single online lead to show for it.

What Did We Do?

We came in and built a full system to generate leads, distribute those leads amongst their agents, and convert those online leads into booked appointments.

1. CRM Setup

The first thing that we did was set up a CRM for all of the agents at the brokerage that wanted to participate in our lead generation program.

Each agent was provided with a private log-in that was customized with their information.

They also were provided with training showing them how to use their CRM and the online resources to learn all the features and options of the CRM platform.

2. Online Lead Conversion Training

If you’ve ever worked with online leads, you know that converting online leads is much different than a warm referral or someone you meet at a networking event.

You need a process to turn online leads into loyal clients.

real estate lead generation case study

We provided each one of the agents with access to our Success Center, which contains training and education on exactly how to handle online leads, including exact scripts, timelines, and examples.

3. Facebook Lead Generation

Once the team was all trained up and the CRM was in place, we launch a number of different lead generation campaigns to start collecting names, emails, and phone numbers of interested prospects in the local area.

On the very first day of the campaign, we were able to generate 8 leads at just $2.45 each!

Over the next 90 days we generated 370 local real estate leads at an average cost of $6.77 each.

Along with name, email and phone number we also collected time frames for moving dates and other information to help the agents qualify which leads are hot and need to be pursued more urgently than window shoppers.

These are the same local prospects that are shopping on Zillow for homes, only we are able to collect their contact information at a fraction of the price for what you pay on Zillow.

And the leads we generate are exclusive to you.

4. Email Drip Campaigns

Collecting contact information online is just the start of your client’s journey to buying or selling a home.

The next most important task is to establish a relationship with your new prospect.

You must provide them with value, demonstrate your authority, and nurture that lead into a strong relationship.

One great tool for this is with email drip campaigns.

We set up multiple email drip series customized for our brokers brand that followed up with online leads in their inbox for up to 6 months after signing up for our online offers.

5. Retargeting

Retargeting is hands down one of the most effective strategies that most real estate companies are missing.

case study for real estate marketing

Once someone visits your website or engages with your company through social media, you have the ability to show them retargeting ads for up to 540 days after the first engagement.

With the average real estate transaction taking 9 – 24 months, it’s critical that you stay in front of your audience and stay top of mind.

We provided video scripts and instructions on how to create powerful retargeting videos for social media and ran weekly retargeting campaigns to keep our agents top of mind.

What Results Did They Get?

At the end of the first 90 days, we had successfully:

  • Implemented a CRM for their agents
  • Provided all agents with online lead conversion training
  • Set up and managed weekly retargeting campaigns
  • Setup 6-month email drip series for all online leads
  • Launched multiple successful lead generation campaigns in their local area
  • Generated 370 local real estate leads at an average cost of $6.77 each!

Here’s what they had to say about working together:

“Brice’s service was very valuable. He set realistic expectations up front and did a great job of mapping out a timeline and explaining how things work. We got a ton of leads and are overall very happy with his service.”

– Amy Dills, Brick and Banister Co.

Want These Results For Your Business?

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